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In first grade we are becoming independent readers through our McGraw-Hill reading series and our AR tests on the computer.  We are working very hard earning beads everyday for our AR necklaces.  Each student in first grade received a necklace with a blue star, with each point earned your student is able to add a colored bead to their necklace.  Be sure and ask your student how many beads they have collected on their necklaces.  All of our stories read in class through McGraw-Hill have a test, and your child can also check out a book from the library with an AR test component.  This is an exciting program, and in conjunction with the AR store provided in the library, a real incentive to keep your student reading each day.  In math we are working on adding and subtracting through 12 with our timed math tests weekly.  Keep studying those flash cards.  We covered place value in conjunction with 100 day.  We are telling time, and getting ready to count money.  In Science and Social studies your child has learned about Winter animals, Patriotic Symbols, George Washington Carver, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Valentines Day. (Of course we did not forget about Groundhog Day either.)  February and March are very busy months.  We have a picnic planned at Hutsell for March 7th, parents invited, and Spring Break will be March 12th through the 16th.   Please continue to read with your first grader each night.  Pay close attention to the vocabulary list sent home each week, the words are getting harder.  Also, as you notice we now have 12 Spelling words.  This will increase to 15 before the year is through.  The key to an independent reader is practice, practice, practice! Remember you can utilize our library with your student after hours.  Come and enjoy wonderful new stories together!
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