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Zelma Hutsell Elementary Zelma Hutsell Elementary
   TAAS is over and the end of the school year is drawing near, however, 4th graders still have many learning opportunities ahead of them. We ask that you continue to work with them on their math facts and read with them on a nightly basis to keep thier skill sharp.
   Our next social studies unit focuses on a study of economics.  As a part of this unit, students will participate in a Trade Fair. They make a product at home and then trade it with other students at school on Friday, May 11. NO MONEY WILL BE EXCHANGED. We hope this will help them understand the bartering system used by our early ancestors and that they will become better educated consumers.
   In Language Arts we are working on poetry, persuasive writing, and continue exploring novels with literature circles. If you/your child do not have a library card, this would be a perfect time to head to the public library and get one. There is no charge for a library card and there are often many activities available for children during the summer months at the various branches.
   Science classes are finishing up their study of ecosystems and will complete a unit on geology before the end of the year.
   In order to prepare students for the TAAS test, most math objectives have already been covered. We will continue  adding and subtracting decimals and do a variety of review and enrichment activities to prepare for 5th grade.
   Here are a couple upcoming activities you might want to put on your calendar:
         Field Day - May 18
         Awards Assembly - May 24 @ 8:30 a.m.
   We hope to see you there!

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