Health 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Health Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz 11-01 Causes of Disease
Quiz 11-02 The Body's Protection from Disease
TEST 11-T Disease - Causes and Prevention
Quiz 12-01 AIDS
Quiz 12-02 Sexually Transmitted Disease
TEST 12-T Preventing AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Quiz 13-01 Cardiovascular Disease
Quiz 13-02 Cancer
Quiz 13-03 Asthma
Quiz 13-04 Diabetes
Quiz 13-05 Arthritis
Quiz 13-06 Epilepsy
TEST 13-T Common Disease
Quiz 14-01 Preventing Injuries
Quiz 14-02 Reducing Risks of Fire
Quiz 14-03 Safety for Teens
Quiz 14-04 Emergency Equipment
Quiz 14-05 Safety During Natural Disasters
TEST 14-T Preventing Injuries
Quiz 15-01 What to Do First
Quiz 15-02 Caring for Common Injuries
Quiz 15-03 First Aid for Bleeding, Shock, and Choking
Quiz 15-04 First Aid for Heart Attacks and Poisoning
TEST 15-T First Aid for Injuries
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