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No Name Elementary 4th grade science
Hello Students!  So glad you have chosen to use this sight to move ahead, catch up, or to just have some fun!  This year will be a great one, depending upon You!  I want to make this class an exciting one; one where we discover and learn a lot about science.  Science helps us to understand our world better as well as understanding ourselves better.

On this website you will find assignments for our unit on health and nutrition.  You will find most of the homework assignments, quizzes, and projects.  You may work ahead on these assignments and turn them in early.  All "extra" assignments that you turn in will boost your grade as well as help you to learn even more than I have time to teach you.

"Extra" Assignments:
1.  turn in parent letter (signed)
2.  bring in grocery store receipts
3.  bring in restaurant menus
4.  bring in grocery store ads
5.  bring in magazines
6.  enzyme experiment (get worksheet off experiment table)
7.  read When I See My Dentist and write a paragraph about what you read

1.  find a health & nutrition website
2.  health journal--daily entries
3.  pick a week-end and record everything you eat on the proper form given to you
4.  design the perfect menu--use the Food Pyramid to help you choose your food items so you include the proper amounts of the different food groups
5.  design a nutritious food commercial (to be done in groups)
6.  play a game on this website
My Quia activities and quizzes
Flipping for Good Nutrition
Food Pyramid
Useful links
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