hechallenge1 Mrs. Patsy Armstrong
Hutsell Mon.1-3 Tues.5th Friday 4th
The Challenge class at Hutsell is currently working on a Technology Unit.  The students have researched technological inventions tracing their development to the present and predicting the future. Please come see their pictorial time lines.
We are also studying the history of computers and how computers work.The students are involved in an interactive program supplied by Intel. They are doing experiments with electricity, circuits and switches.They are investigating the workings of motherboards, modems, video cards, and microprocessors.
We have explored the following internet sites: http:// www.c.s.virginia.edu/brochure/museum.html, http:www.tcm.org/htm/galleries, http://www.intel.com/education , www. computerhistory.org
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