heckert Ms. Heckert
Templeton Middle School World History Teacher
November 28, 2000

Dear Students and Parents,
As we start the new unit of China, I have made the California history standards very clear to students. From now on, the California history standards will be presented in the students' history notebooks and posted clearly in the classroom. Studies have shown that if students are aware of the specific California history standards they must learn, they perform better on tests like the SAT 9 or the future High School Exit Exam. I continue to approach history in a fun and interactive way, but I do believe that this new emphasis on standards will help our students.

Aimee Heckert

Specific California History Standards for the study of China
1.Locate and label the major geographical features of China and understand their impacts on the people of China.
2.Review Chinese Philosophies:Confucian, Buddhist, Daoist  
3.Explain major Chinese contributions, inventions, achievements
4.Discuss and identify the rise, fall, belief system, government, and society of th following dynasties:
Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan(Mongol), Ming
5.Understand the the cultural and economic impacts of the Mongols in China.
6.Understand the differences between nepotism, aristocracy, and meritocracy and how they affected rule in China

1. As usual, all work is done in the history notebooks.
  Please pay attention to homework agendas that tell
  students to finish up left-side activities.

2. This unit will be filled with hands-on projects, slide
  lectures, simulations, etc.

3. History Test/Project will be December 14, 2000

4. The following is the CHINA unit vocabulary that will be
  on the test.

Belief Systems
Forms of Government-Hiring Practices
Silk Road
Money Economy
Political Dynasties and Figures
Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan(Mongol),Ming
Emperor Wen
Great Wall of China
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