hendanatphys Mrs. Henderson
Mountain Ridge High School  
May 1-5, 2000

We start the week with an inquiry lab dealing with the reproductive system.  At 6 stations, you will explore the male and female anatomy, respective cat anatomy, histology of the ovary and testes and various methods of birth control.  This lab should be completed in class except for the study questions which are assigned as homework.  A review lecture on Friday will recap the week's information.

Don't forget to turn in Lab #8 (formal lab report).  The project (either cat or research paper) is due on Monday, May 8th.  Review assigned word dissections from Tip Offs.

Next week, Heredity and Genetics.  Look at the useful links Dr. Green.com and Quia.com, click on Biology and go to 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 for practice on the last unit exam - your final exam. Senior exams are May 11 and 12. An additional study guide will be provided for you on Monday May 8th.


Approximate schedule
Monday  Complete Essay portion of exam
Tuesday Lab #9 Reproductive System
Wednesday  Lab con't)
Thursday   Lab con't and lecture/discussion
Friday     Standard Deviants - video Reproductive System
           also handouts for practice
Due Thursday - Lab #8 Urinary (formal report)
Due Friday - Lab #9 (handwritten)
Due Monday - Projects - Cat Skeleton or Research
My Quia activities and quizzes
Hanging Out "In The Alimentary Canal"
Useful links
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