Ancient Civilizations Period 7
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First Day of WIN-SS notecard
Unit One pre test "Mesopotamia"
Civilization, Cities and Bronze (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 7)
Civilization in Mesopotamia (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 8)
Daily Life in Mesopotamia (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 9)
Sumerian Temples and Homes (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 10)
Sumerian Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 11)
Third Dynasty of Ur (Milliken World History pg. 2.18)
Hittites: Masters of Iron (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 22)
Assyrian Empire (World History Mesopotamia pg. 3.10)
The Rise of Babylon (Milliken Mesopotamia pg 12)
The Code of Hammurabi (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 13)
Babylonian Empire 1792-1750 BCE (World History Mesopotamia pg. 2.20)
Chapter 4 Lesson I assessment
The Assyrians and the New Babylonians (Milliken Mesopotamia pg. 26)
Near East (World History Mesopotamia pg. 3.08)
The First Coins
The Canaanites (Mesopotamia Milliken pg. 24)
Mesopotamia World History pgs. 3.07, 3.50 and 3.84
The Phoenicians: Traders in the Mediterranean (Mesopotamia Milliken pg. 25)
The Hebrews and Monotheism (Mesopotamia Milliken pg. 23)
Palestine: David's Empire (Mesopotamia World History pg. 3.03)
Unit One Post Test
Unit Two Pre test
The Nile:River of Life (Egypt Milliken pg. 16)
The Kingdoms of Egypt (Egypt Milliken pg. 17)
Pyramids: Grand Tombs for the Pharaohs (Egypt Milliken pg. 18)
Daily Life Among the Egyptians (Egypt Milliken pg. 19)
Writing, Egyptian Style (Egypt Milliken pg. 20)
The Rise and Fall of Egypt "Egypt Milliken pg. 21"
Egypt: A New Kingdom Cult Temple (Egypt World History pg. 2.35)
Egypt: Inside the Great Pyramid (Egypt World History pg. 2.34)
Egyptian Hieroglyphics (Egypt World History pg. 2.38)
Geographical Extent of Egypt 4500 - 375 BCE (Egypt World History pgs. 2.03-2.04)
Mineral and Gemstone Resources in Egypt (Egypt World History pg. 2.27)
Sacred Sites in Egypt (Egypt World History pg. 2.31)
Sites of Predynastic and Dynastic Periods in Egypt (Egypt World History pg. 2.05)
The Egyptian Pyramids of Giza (Egypt World History pg. 2.33)
Time Line of Egyptian Dynasties (Egypt World History pgs. 2.02 and 2.06)
Mummy Maker guiding questions
Pyramid challenge guiding questions
Tomb with a View
Video- Egypt's Golden Empire: Part 1- Warrior Pharaoh's
Video- Egypt's Golden Empire- Pharaohs of the Sun- part 2
Video- Egypt's Golden Empire- The Last Great Pharaoh- part 3
New Kingdom Pharaoh questions
Unit Two Post Test
Unit Three Pre-Test - updated 2019
Life in Minoan Crete (Greek Milliken pg. 1)
The Mycenaeans (Greek Milliken pg. 2)
Inventing the Greek Alphabet (Greek Milliken pg. 6)
Greek Colonization of the Mediterranean 1100-400 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.01)
Creating the Greek City-State (Greek Milliken pg. 5)
The Hoplite (Greek Soldier) :Greek World History pg. 3.57
US Citizenship test
Sparta: Raising and Army (Greek Milliken pg. 7)
Sparta vs. Athens (Spartan side): Greek World History pg. 3.19
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization (Part I)
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization (Part II)
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization (Part III)
Ancient Greek government chart questions
Athens: Democracy in Greece (Greek Milliken pg. 8)
Greek Education and Recreation I (Greek World History pg. 3.91 (Top half)
Greek Government and the Growth of Democracy (Greek World History pg. 3.02)
Expansion of the Aegean World (Greek Milliken pg. 9)
The Persians: The Kind Conquerors (Greek Milliken pg. 27)
The Persian Wars Begin (Greek Milliken pg. 10)
The Persian Wars Continue (Greek Milliken pg. 11)
Greek vs. Persian Military (Greek World History pg. 3.58)
Greco-Persian Wars 500-479 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.18)
The Golden Age of Athens, 478-431 BCE (Greek Milliken pg. 12)
Athenian Society 500-400 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.60)
Greek Women 500-400 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.61)
Greek Costume 500-400 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.93)
Women in Ancient Greece (Greek Milliken pg. 17)
The Peloponnesian Wars 431-404 BC (Greek Milliken pg. 19)
Sparta vs. Athens (Athens side): Greek World History pg. 3.19
Peloponnesian War 433-404 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.20)
Gods of Greece and Rome (Greek World History pg. 3.68)
Greek Gods and Goddesses (Greek Milliken pg. 13)
The Olympic Games (Greek Milliken pg. 14)
Greek Education and Recreation II (Greek World History pg. 3.91)
Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (Greek Milliken pg. 4)
Greek Drama and Literature (Greek World History pg. 3.88 Part I)
Greek Drama and Literature part II (Greek World History pg. 3.88 Pt. II)
The Parthenon (Greek Milliken pg. 15)
A Greek Acropolis (Greek World History pg. 3.75)
Greek Architecture and Sculpture 800-27 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.74)
Going to the Theater in Greece (Greek Milliken pg. 18)
Greek Philosophy (Greek Milliken pg. 20)
The Golden Age of Philosophy (Greek Milliken pg. 21)
The Rise of Alexander the Great (Greek Milliken pg. 22)
Empire of Alexander the Great 338-323 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.21)
The Hellenistic Era (Greek Milliken pg. 23)
The Hellenistic World (Greek Milliken pg. 24)
The Seven (No, Eight) Wonders of the Ancient World (Greek Milliken pg. 25)
Spread of Hellenistic Culture 323-27 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.23)
Hellenistic Science: The World is Round (Greek Milliken pg. 26)
Hellenistic Philosophy: Don't Worry, Think Happy (Greek Milliken pg. 27)
Greek Philosophers 620-265 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.89)
Greek Science 620-168 BCE (Greek World History pg. 3.90)
Early Civilization in Italy (Roman Milliken pg. 1)
The Origins of Rome (Roman Milliken pg. 2)
Unit Three Post-Test - updated 2019
Unit Four Pre-Test
Unit IV pre-test
Government in Rome (Roman Milliken pg. 5)
The Roman Republic (Roman Milliken pg. 3)
Etruscan Italy 900-275 B.C.E. and Roman Conquest of Italy 510-275 B.C.E (Roman World History pgs. 3.05 and 3.16).
Evolution of Roman Government Part I (Roman World History pg. 3.17: Left hand side)
Family Life in Republican Rome (Roman Milliken pg. 6)
Life in Ancient Rome (Roman World History pgs. 3.62, 3.63 and 3.64)
Roman Religion (Roman Milliken pg. 7)
Expansion and Power in Republican Rome (Roman Milliken pg. 8)
The Punic Wars Begin (Roman Milliken pg. 9)
A Defeated Carthage Rebuilds (Roman Milliken pg. 11)
The Second Punic War Begins (Roman Milliken pg. 12)
The End of the Punic Wars (Roman Milliken pg. 13)
Rome vs. Carthage (Punic Wars) (Roman World History pg. 3.29)
The Roman Republic Faces Challenges (Roman Milliken pg. 14)
The First Triumvirate (Roman Milliken pg. 15)
The Life and Death of Julius Caesar (Roman Milliken pg. 17)
Roman Conquest of Europe and North Africa (Roman World History pgs. 3.33-3.34
The Second Triumvirate (Roman Milliken pg. 18)
The Pax Romana (Roman Milliken pg. 21)
Good and Bad Emperors (Roman Milliken pg. 22)
Roman Emperors and Imperial Families (Roman World History pg. 3.41)
Evolution of Roman Government Part II (Roman World History pg. 3.17 - Right hand side)
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