Computer 7A
North Middle School Computers 7A

Remember, if you are here everyday and work hard to get your assignments done on time, you will benefit in getting a good grade. More important than the grade is the knowledge you will aquire. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" Even though keyboarding is learned in 6th grade, we will review it in 7th grade to help you build speed and improve the skill. Students should be typing 30-35 words per minute by the end of this class in 7th grade. Other activities that we will cover in 7th grade are Microsoft Office-Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Powerpoint, Programming. We cover Internet Safety, Plagiarism and Copyright policies, how to search the internet using Boolean terms, as well as other methods. As time allows near the end of the semester, I bring in other activities that are beneficial to all such as Google Sketch-up and Flash. This is a site that contains clip art and animation that is free and of good quality in many different categories. Also, it has a search feature to find a specific category of clip art. This is the Rapid City Area School System's main URL. You can find any RCAS with a web page, district information, school information, and TechConnectEd--a wonderful connection. This is a great site for making puzzles of all kinds to support your curriculum. This site is a timeline in the history of computers. I used it to help me to organize my Power Point Presentation on Computer History. Solutions for handling 117 misbehaviors. Each behavior trait lists actions that identify the behavior, effects this behavior cause in the classroom, mistakes teachers might make in handling the behavior and links to related behaviors. A nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of school, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Teaching Currents is's online resource for teachers. It has articles, news, reviews, and lesson plans written by educators. This site is a useful tool for teachers to enhance their teaching by integrating the use of technology. Test Taking Tips suggested by Ms. Brittany McClaine's class at Jean Massieu Acedemy
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Wordle: Spreadsheet Vocabulary 1
My Quia activities and quizzes
**SPREADSHEET Vocabulary**
**Spreadsheet Vocabulary**
*Spreadsheet Vocabulary--Section 1*
*Spreadsheet Vocabulary--Section 2*
*Spreadsheet Vocabulary--Section 3*
CFA--Programs Multichoice Worksheet
Common Formative Assessment on Microsoft Applications
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