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Activities for Dear Mr. Henshaw


Beverly Cleary

In his letters to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw, a boy named Leigh Botts, who's ten years old, helps you understand what he feels when he has to deal with his parents divorce, missing his dad who doesn't live with him anymore, being the new kid in a new school, and adjusting to all the changes taking place in his life.

This heartwarming book is written as a series of letters, or journal entries, instead of the usual way a book is arranged. As you read through the book, you will see how Leigh grows up, deals with school problems, and learns how much his dad loves him.

The activities below will help you work through the book. Since the book does not have any chapters, I've divided the book into three parts.

Part 1 pgs. 1 - 37
Part 2 pgs. 39 - 107
Part 3 pgs. 108 - 134

Happy Reading!

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