henson2 Mrs. Henson
Pine Forest Elementary 3rd grade teacher
Dear Students,

     We have to come up with a nickname for our class.  Any suggestions?  If you have a good name for our class, please e-mail me at amy.henson@humble.k12.tx.us
Hopefully we can think of a creative name for all of Mrs. Henson's third graders.

     Yes, we do have spelling this week.  The good news is that Unit 12 is a review chapter.  We skipped one of the chapters in this unit, so you may have to study a little harder than on normal review chapters.  Our homework will be a little different this week because we have so many words. 
Monday - no homework
Tuesday - write at least 5 sentences using at least 2 spelling words in each sentence 
(**The best sentences will be put on the Celebration.)
Wednesday - using as many words as you can to write a story
Thursday - study your words
Friday - Spelling Celebration #12

Unit 12:

throw     law
spring    knot
straight  scratch
screen    wrong
street    write
spread    knife
die       watch
wild      bright
fight     lie
mind      crowd
sound     would
count     crown
ground    almost
straw     cloth
walk      soft

challenge words:
strength   delight
bounce     scald

Remember these are review words, so you won't have to study too hard this week!  Have a great week!

REMEMBER: There is a mistake somewhere on our web page. The first one to find it will get a prize!!  Good luck

November 13 - progress reports go home this week
November 20-24 Thanksgiving Holidays (no school for 1 week)
November 30 - December 1: Mock TAAS

Keep up the good work guys!!  I really appreciate all the hard work the students and parents are doing!!  

Mrs. Henson
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