hepner5th Mrs. Hepner
Creekside Elementary 5th grade teacher
I hope everyone is having a wonderful and sunny time off track. Assignment for the day...Play, play, play!

Some things to look forward to during the last 2 months of 5th grade:

Field Trip to Antelope Island. We have been invited to participate in the dedication of the Fielding Garr house on the island. Some really neat activities are planned.

Puppets- Don't forget to save a paper towel roll.

Kaleidscopes- don't forget to save a tic-tac box.

Butterfly Garden- We will be planting the garden in May.

Field Trip to Promentory Point and the Rocket Garden in June.

KEEP READING- 6 books on your level due by June 23. I've read 2 novels while off track...They were GREAT!

See if you remember your classmates by playing the game at the bottom of this page.

Send me an e-mail with some of your favorite internet sites and I will put them on this web-page for other classmates to enjoy.
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