herberthealth Ms. Herbert
Sanford Middle School  
IMA STUDENT                           FOLDER 8
               8th Grade CAREER PROJECT

1.     How to become an Whatever
      A.  Formal Education
      B.  Internship an Residency or OJT
2.     Job Description
      A.  Nature of Whatever
      B.  Ususal duties of a Whatever
3.     Rewards of the Job
      A.  Social Status
      B.  Usual Income
4.    Attire and Equipment
     A.  Professionl Uniforms
     B.  Equipment

             7th Grade WELLNESS PLAN OUTLINE

1.    Diet
      A.  Five Day food Plan
      B.  Nutritional analysis of 2 meals
2.    Exercise
      A.  Why Exercise?
      B.  What sorts of Exercise to Do
3.    Disease Prevention
      A.  Summary of Diet and Exercise
      B.  Sanitation
          a.  Hand Washing
          b.  Bathing
          c.  Clean Home
          d.  Vaccination
4.    Mental and Emotional Health
      A.  Realtionships
      B.  Substance Abuse Prevention
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