herr Herr Much
Edmonton Public Schools, Continuing Education German Language Instructor
Welcome to my Learning Web page!

Continuing Education (Level 2)

Please take time to review your Level one material.  There are games on this site that can help you review vocabulary.

There are two types of quizzes.
a)   Practive quizes (no information is recorded).  to do a practice guiz:
     1)     Under Quia quizes choose a JAVA quiz.  It will take you right there.

b)  On line quizzes (information recorded for your instructor) To do an online quiz:
     1)     Click on the "Quiz Session Log In" at the bottom right side of the page.
     2)     When the window apears you must enter the following quiz session name (don't forget the space, as it is very picky, and you don't need any information from the arrow onward, that is just a description of the quiz.):
             Session Name:             Description:                 
             verb review                   --> Reviews Level 1 verbs only.
             einheit 7                       --> Review of chapter 7 both texts

     3)     This will take you to the quiz.  Please type in your name and have fun answering the questions.

I am the only one that will see your results, other than yourself.

My Quia activities and quizzes
German Level 1 nouns review activity
Level 2 nouns review
Level 1 Verbs review activity
Level 2 verbs review
German level 1 Other words review
Level 2 Other words review
German Level 2 review verb quiz
German Level 2 review verb quiz
So you want to be a millionaire!
So you want to be a millionaire!
German Level 2 review verb quiz
German Level 2 review verb quiz
Lesson & Vocabulary review
***Chpater 7 Vocabulary revew***
Chapter 7 review quiz (Alles Gute)
chapter 7 review quiz
Chapter 8 vocabulary Review
Red book lesson 8 review
Chapter 9 vocabulary review (red book)
Red Book lesson 9 review
Chapter 10 vocabulary (red Book)
Red Book Lesson 10 review
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