herring Mrs. Herring
Clark Middle School American History/ School Newspaper
Week of Sept. 28- Oct. 1

Monday      No School due to Inservice

Tuesday     1.Go over directions on the Time Line Project
            2. Review game on states

Wednesday   1.Take notes on "The Articles of the Confederation"   
            2. read pages 96-99 about the Northwest Territory

Thursday    1. Review sheet on the Articles of Confederation
            2. Read pages 106-110 about the Constitutional Convention, answer the guided questions

Friday      1.test over states
            2.critique examples of time line project
            3.finish questions on the Constitutional Convention

Your time line project counts the same as 3 test grades!   It is due on October 13.  The quarter is over on October 15.

If you look on the internet for time line information, look up "almanacs".
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