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Zelma Hutsell Elementary Zelma Hutsell Elementary
Library:  The Library is hosting story teller Finley Stewart on Jan.27th for all grade levels. Third, fourth and fifth graders will be voting for the Bluebonnet Award Book. Fifth graders are learning the BIG 6, a process method for doing research. Fourth graders are learning how to read and use the newspaper to become well-informed. Third graders are learning the Dewey Decimal System and have reached the 700's in their tour around the nonfiction shelves. Second graders have been reviewing books by Tomie DePaola and especially enjoying the book Tom based on Tomie's relationship with his grandfather. First graders have been reviewing books by Mercer Mayer and reading Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp. Kindergarten will begin to review books by Rosemary Wells, who wrote Read to Your Bunny, a book expressing the importance of parents reading aloud to their children. We will read many ofher books, starting with Timothy Goes to School, in the Library. Pre K has been reading Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day and reviewing some of his other books. Both K and Pre K will be learning about the parts of books. Our Library is a very busy place. Mrs. Hill, our instructional technologist is teaching teachers and staff how to use the new Dell computers. The AR store is always open on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Whitney Jones is the RIP-ROARING READER for the 4th six weeks.

Technology:  We are working on a wide variety of computer skills in the computer lab this month. First and second grade students are using Kid Pix to write and illustrate stories. Third and Fourth graders are working on word processing skills. Fifth graders are using the internet to find out about careers. This fit in perfect with our career week. Mr. Kranz

1st Grade-
We are doing symmetry objects. Students have been cutting out vases and filling them in with different kinds of flowers. We will be making sandpaper prints and talking about warm and cool colors.
2nd grade-
Students are making masks with eye cutouts. They will be drawing eyes on a strip of paper that will slide through to show the emotions eyes show.
3rd Grade-
Students are working on paper molas. They are a type of artwork done in Panama. The subjects often used are birds, animals, plants, and mythical animals. The artwork is done with layers of colors. The true fabric molas are done so that the different colored layers of fabric can be seen .
4th Grade-
Students are working on tesselations. We talked about the mathematical connection of translations or slides. The students repeat the design with no space left in between (tesselation) by sliding their pattern card on the paper and tracing it. The students then look at the design they have created and add lines to make it look like an animal or person.
5th Grade -
5th Graders are working on settings for their three dimensional tin foil people. We are reviewing coloring techniques used to make a drawing look realistic. The children are clothing the people using tissue paper.
When they have completed this project they will begin with kaleidoscopes. The students are using insects as their subjects. They draw their design in a pie shape and repeat it to create a kaleidoscope of colors.
We have entered 28 students' artwork in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. Artshow . They are presently on display in the hall with their awarded ribbons. We will be displaying artwork at the administration building for the Spring Art Show.
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