hicks585 Dwane Hicks
Woods Middle School think about it
This is a site with cool links and stuff about me. Im 13 and curently go to Woods Middle School in Texas I listen to almost everytype of music except for country crap and clasical my fav bands r Limp Bizkit, Matchbox20, BNL, Eminem, Orgy, Kid rock and othe crap like that i mostely watch Tv all day and play on the computer(except when im at school) If u own games like Tribes or ALIENS Vs PREDATOR my name is probably Hicks585 or somethin like that. The coolest movies ever made r all 4 of the A L | E N movies and From Dusk Till Dawn if u dont like them then u suck. I own both Plastation and N64(playstation is the best) i also collect Pokemon cards but dont have that many Fooseball kick ass anyone who doesnt like to play is messed up soon i shall have pics of my self and some other crap i want on here. 

If u r affended by the cussing piss off
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