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Creston Middle School Team 7-1 Science
Welcome to 7-1 Science

It is hard to believe that already it is already the end of May!  We will be studying animals until the end of the school year, with many exciting educational activities planned.

Here is the schedule for our last week:
TUESDAY-all science classes meet in the computer lab

WEDNESDAY- DRESS UP DAY: Periods 2-8 follow regular schedule
Period 9-report to regular class; that teacher will take you to the seventh grade awards, which will take place during periods 9 & 10

THURSDAY-Report to STARS.  That teacher will take you to the all-school awards.  If there is time left at the end, you will go back to the STARS room until dismissal.

As always, feel free to call Mrs. Highley at 532-6877 with any questions, or email me at shighley@warren.k12.in.us, or at home, science71@aol.com   The Team 7-1 Homework Hotline number is 532-6884

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Major invertebrate phylum names and their meanings
Match the phyla with its meaning
Animals and their phyla
Match the animal with its phyla
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