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Welcome, Humanities Students!

Please read these instructions before you proceed. . .
*W O R K   I N   G R O U P S   O F  3 !!!!

* Your group is responsible for answering all of the questions below.  

*Group members can begin web searches together, and after you've finished answering the first question (below), divide the rest of the assignment into equal parts.  For example, each member is assigned ONE artist to research.

*Your sketches (see question #2) can be drawn anywhere on your answer sheet, as long as it is visible!!

*You are encouraged to use the links (below) to help you find the answers to these questions.  Have fun!!

*Once each member of your group has finished, take the remainder of class to share your answers and compile your answer sheets.  Don't be afraid to show each other your sketches, too!

**Your group will be responsible for presenting
this information to the class in 2-3 class days.   Make sure your information is correct
and complete!**


1. Provide three titles--and dates--of three Renaissance artists' most popular works (nine titles total).  
NOTE: You may NOT include Michaelangelo or DaVinci, since we've already studied them in class!!  

a.) What medium (sculpture, painting, architecture, etc.) are these works?

2. Each group member must attempt to sketch (roughly!) one of those works, and describe in detail what he/she thinks the artist was trying to accomplish in the piece (i.e., what is the artist trying to show?).

3. Biographical information:

a.) Tell where--and when--each of these artists was born.

b.) Explain what personal, historical, or cultural  events might have influenced their lives and works.

c.) Describe what effect these artists' pieces (works)had on their immediate environments (their society,
their fellow citizens, the Church, etc.).  

4.  Were they accepted as "artists"?  Why or why not?
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