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Dear students,
in this page you are going to practice the difference between HIM/HIS, MY/ME, etc.
REMEMBER: pronouns like my, his, etc give the idea of POSSESSION.

Pronous like me and him substitute pronouns like I/he after a verb or a preposition. "I" and "he" can NEVER be used after a verb or a preposition!

Ex: Listen to ME (not to "I"!)
   Give HIM this book, please. (never give "he")

Read the list with the correspondences:
            Subject Object  Poss.adj.   Poss. pronouns
          I         me      my           mine
          you       you     your         yours
          he        him     his          his         
          she       her     her          hers
          it        it      its          its
          we        us      our          ours
          you       you     your         yours
          they      them    their        theirs

This is my book. (possessive + noun)
This book is mine. (no noun after the possessive)

This is my jacket. Is this yours or Sandra´s?
I think it is hers.

ow do the exercises below: first do the exercises in Useful Links, and AFTER do "Him or His" in Quia activities.
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