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Hello to all and Happy New Year!  The month of December certainly moved quite quickly and now I am anxious to move into 2001! 

December was a month full of celebrations and educational accomplishments.  Our students completed their ocean's research projects and worked hard to master their multiplication facts.  This will come in handy as we head towards double digit multiplication during the month of January.  Division will be the next area we tackle and once again a strong mastery of the facts will help students to be successful.

In December we had a classwide geography bee in which all of our class participated in random U.S. and world wide geography trivia questions. The questions were difficult and the students did quite well.  In the end, Colman Tishler was our class winner and he will represent our class in a school wide geography bee to take place some time in January.  Congratulations Colman!

In the area of science, we will begin to study the formation of the Earth and our focus will be on distinguishing between a variety of rocks and minerals, geological time periods and volcanoe formations.

I do hope everyone will continue to visit our classroom website over the course of the year.  I have highlighted interesting website links below that our students might like to explore!   Take care and a Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all!  

Mrs. Deborah Hinrichs
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