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Mexican History


The students will collaborate on creating a large-scale timeline to be displayed at a Mexican fiesta after an eight-week period of collaborative learning in conjunction with their art, geography, literature and art appreciation teachers. The time line is to contain both pictorial and textual elements to illustrate important events in the history of Mexico identifying the individual historical figures involved, the general area of Mexico where the events took place, and their significance to the resulting modern culture of the country.

Activity Questions

1. What are the most important historical events to have occurred in Mexico?
2. What historical figures contributed to these events?
3. What social impact did these events have on their time and on modern Mexico?
4. Where did these events occur?
5. What pictures might best illustrate these events?


· http://northcoast.com/~spdtom/index.html is a web site of Mexican history designed for students.
· http://www.mexonline.com/history.htm is a web site of Mexican history.
· http://www.pbs.org/conquistadors/ is a web site dedicated to the Spanish conquerors of Mexico.
· http://www.bbslaguna.com.mx/Conquest/ is a web site dedicated to the period of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
· http://www.desertusa.com/magjan98/jan_pap/du_anza.html is a web site dedicated to du Anza, who helped to open northwest Mexico to Spanish settlement.
· http://lsjunction.com/events/jacinto.htm is a site dedicated to the Battle of San Jacinto, which led to the loss of Texas to Mexico.
· http://history.acusd.edu/gen/projects/border/page01.html is a site dedicated to the many border disputes between Mexico and the US.
· http://www.ups.edu/faculty/velez/FL380/mexrev.htm is a site dedicated to the history of the Mexican Revolution.
· http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/history.html is a timeline of Mexican history.

Culminating Question

What aspects of Mexican history reveal something about the culture of modern Mexico and its relationship with the United States?


Research important events in Mexican history. Find pictures to illustrate them. Write a brief description of the event, including a short biography of the important people involved and how the event is important to modern Mexico.


Students will be expected to work in groups on at least three salient points of the time line. The groups will be evaluated on the completeness with which they addressed the 5 Activity Questions on each of the three time line points. Each time line point will be worth 25 points, so the completed project is worth 75 points to each group.

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