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Windsor High School U.S. History & Ethnic Studies Instructor
Welcome to Miss Prusky's U.S. History Final Exam Part 2!

Greetings students!

Political cartoons are a colorful and fascinating tool to understanding history and public sentiment about historical issues, events, and leaders.

Until the end of the exam period, you will conduct online research about WWII political cartoons created by the famous cartoonist Dr. Seuss. 

Use the first link below to view the cartoons.  use the second if you'd like, to go over how to draw cartoons.

   Dr. Seuss drew cartoons in the following categories
   People     Countries/Regions    War/Domestic Issues
             Battles and Battlefields

   Below are the steps you will take to complete this part
   of the final exam:

Step One:
   ~Look carefully at many of the cartoons.

Step Two:
    ~Identify a theme that Dr. Seuss draws about.

Step Three:
    ~Print out 15-20 cartoons that portray the theme you
     have chosen.  (If your computer will not print, simply
     write down the title of the cartoon and describe the

Step Four:
    ~Write 2 or more sentences for each cartoon that
     describes its message and how it goes about delivering
     that message.  This should go at the bottom of each

Step Five:
    ~Create a cover page for your political cartoon
     analysis.  Make sure to include the theme you
     analyzed.  You may use the computer to design one or
     do one by hand.


Do AT LEAST one of the following.  If you have time do both and you will earn a better grade.

Step Six:
    ~Write a one page summary and analysis of how Dr. Seuss
     dealt with your particular theme.


Step Seven:
    ~Create your own political cartoon about WWII.  You may
     get ideas from Dr. Seuss, but do create your own
     original.  Below your cartoon, please include an
     explanation of its message and how it goes about
     delivering that message.

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