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US History Practice & Study Page

Hello and welcome to the US History Practice and Study page.  In this page, you will find some of the US History's quizzes, vocabulary words, and other academic study guides.  This site is useful for studying almost anything, put in a fun way.  Here, you can play games that can help you succeed in class.  Please take some time and play the games, as the activities occur.


Vocabulary Practice Game: Civil War
Quiz: The Road to the Civil War


Battle of Gettysburg Description
Gettysburg Historical Convention
Battle of Gettysburg Interactive Tour
Movie: Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg Articles on LYCOS
Battle of Gettysburg Pictures on LYCOS
Battle of Gettysburg References
Military History of the Battle of Gettysburg
The History Place: Battle of Gettysburg
Movie: Gettysburg's First Hours


General Campaigning Website
Campaigning Article (Lycos Network)
George Bush Election Website
Al Gore Jr. Election Website
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