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Welcome to World History

This page is designed to keep parents and students up to date on homework, project, and extra-credit assignments.
I will try to update assignments weekly.  If you have any questions please e-mail or call me at school. {e-mail works best}

 World History Final is Wed. 1/16

  Chapters 1-7 will be covered. 

  200 questions with 5 short answers.

  Good Luck!

Extra Credit-- limit of 2 each Quarter -- Due 1/15
 Find and read a website relevant to our current topic of study. Read the information and then fill out the form below. Also e-mail me the website. You must do all of these things inorder to get credit -- 5 points each  
The last day tom turn in extra credit is 1/15
My e-mail address  mbcrisp@hotmail.com

Extra Credit form                     Name_________________
                                     Date ___________
                                     Period _________

Website (url) ____________________________________________

Summary of the sight in our own words:

Recieved ________________    Points _________________
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