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Great News!!  We are stating a new unit on the Civil War.  This will be great fun for everyone involved.  We are going to cover everything from how the war started, to how it affected the entire cousre of American life.  There are a lot of fun projects that we will be completing during this unit.  We are going to see what it was like to live during the Civil War by stepping into the shoes of someone who lived through it.  We will do this by doing research, journaling and even creating a living museum. 
This week we are going to cover what caused the Civil War.  The subtopics for the week include: 
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Conflict over the Western Frontier
c) The Great Debate and the Compromise of 1850
d) Kansas-Nebraska Act
e) Fugitive Slave Act
f) Bleeding Kansas
g) Dred Scott
h) Linclon Douglas Debate
i) Harper's Ferry

Guess what, you also have a homework assignment to complete for Monday when you come to class.  You are to complete the activities on this page, and then visit the links given on this page.  When you are done with these, write a short (one page) summary of what you learned.  This way you will have a head start on the unit.  See you Monday!  
Ms. Peach

P.S. If any of you find any other good Civil War links, please EMail me the web addresses.  Also, remember that these web pages will be a great resource for your research project!!
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The Road to the Civil War
The Road to the Civil War
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