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We are finishing up the American Revolution and I'm sure you're asking yourself...why in the world did we fight and what were the consequences?  Obviously, the new U.S.A. had a really difficult beginning, as would any new country.  They had financial problems.  First, they needed to pay back all the people they borrowed money from to fight the British!  So, what do you think the government is going to do?  Collect taxes!
Here are some questions to think about:  How did our country set up a government?  Why did we need a Constitution? I really want to know that one! How were conflicts settled over the establishment of the Constitution? How was our first President chosen?, How were the Cabinet, Congress, military and the National Bank set up? and, finally, What kind of President was Washington?

These next few weeks, we will be talking about the Constitution and the Establishment of the New Nation. I am sure you can find out all types of information on these subjects and how difficult it was to set up our nation.  It would be interesting to note the reasons why establishing the new nation and government was problematic at times.  Washington was almost overthrown! 

Our next assignment will be The Bill of Rights, in your own words and after that, we will tackle just what the Constituion is all about.  What kind of rights do we have as citizens anyway?

When the second semester rolls around, we will do our Create a Nation project!  This greatly anticipated project (come on, I know you're looking forward to it) will consist of your working in partners or groups and just that: creating your own country!  You will figure out what type of government you will have, what kind of military, currency, political system (communism, socialism, democratic, republic, dictatorship), flag, national anthem, Bill of Rights/Constitution, court system along with punishments for criminals, immigration system .... complete details will be given to you when we begin!

Afterwards, we will discuss my favorite presidents' administration!!!  Did you know that, get this, Thomas Jefferson invented/created macaroni and cheese??? Yes!  It's true!  But how you ask?  Well, it goes like this:  See, Mr. Jefferson was the Minister to France during the Revolution (and a dang good one at that) and brought back with him a macaroni/pasta machine of some sort.  It was his idea to add cheese to the macaroni.  The rest, is history!  (Kraft must be extremely grateful to this man!) EXTRA CREDIT!  What is FREEDOM?  People define this word quite differently.  Some believe that it's being able to do whatever you want.  Is that true?  Discuss what freedome is (definition) and what it means to you.  Give example of freedom, along with references from people who have perhaps (1)fought for our freedom or (2)have come from another country to live in freedom.  This needs to be at least 2 pages long, double spaced and typed.  You may include photographs.

Choose three symbols of our country, i.e. our flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol Building, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, etc.  Write a brief one page history of that symbol, illustrate it and explain in a sentence or two why that symbol is important to you and to our nation.

In the future, the near future, we will be experiencing the Industrial Revolution!  Who were the great early inventors of our time?  Okay, okay, you all know that my favorite president invented the swivel chair, but what else was so important in the development of our nation?  And that comes to another assignment...You will discuss inventors of the Industrial Revolution.  Who were they?  What did they do?    And then, you will create your own invention and how you believe it could help our present (or previous) society.
REMEMBER: Preparing right now for college is not too early !  You may think it is, but better early than late.

I am proud to be an American and proud to be your history teacher.  I am hoping to be able to open your eyes to the world around you so that you ask questions! and get involved!  You can make a difference!
It is going to be a fun semester!  

HISTORY IS WEIRD! and we've proven it by some of the stories we've discussed.  Have you heard any strange stories about a historical figure lately?  If so, share it with me and I'll include it in my future curriculum!!!

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