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Hitler's Germany Unit:

Section one
    A little background information about the personal Hitler, including family, friends, education, WWI, his prison term and the writing of Mein Kampf, his time in Vienna.

Section two
    Hitler's rise to power in Germany, with emphasis on his methods of gaining power and keeping it, and his choice of henchmen and how he kept them in line.

Section three
    The subjudication of Germany, Hitler's ceasing of power and ousting of the Weimar Republic.

                QUIZ ONE

Section four
    Liebenstraum, the propaganda war within the borders of Germany and the beginning of WWII.

Section five
    The amazing successes and victories of Germany in the beginning of the war and beyond.

                QUIZ TWO

Section six
    The turn for the worse, Germany begins to loose it's hold on the war, victories are clouded by defeat after defeat, as Germany looses more and more battles.

Section seven
    The defeat of Germany and the unconditional surrender, the aftermath of the war and it's future implications.

                QUIZ THREE
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