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Welcome to the Fifth Grade Learning Lab's Web Page. Listed below is information about what the lab classes are currently doing in school.

Reading: The children were very excited about beginning their new novels for the third quarter. The morning class is reading Island of the Blue Dolphins. We had an interesting discussion about what it might feel like to be left all alone on an island. The students also answered questionnaires about the first time they were left alone and how it felt.

The afternoon class has started reading the novel, Freckle Juice. We were busy examining all of our faces to see who had freckles. They especially liked the thought that they really didn't have to wash their necks very carefully if they had freckles on them because no one would see the dirt.

Language Arts: We are continuing our study of nouns. The children have been categorizing people, places, and things. They have also been introduced to the concept of singular and plural nouns.

I hope you are all very hungry. These eager writers are devising ways to persuade you to eat at their favorite restaurants. The classes have started organizing their thoughts and ideas using a four square graphic organizer. Ask your child to show you how to make one.

Green and Gold Spelling Books are on Unit 17. The Word Wall Words are: February, Tuesday, zero, ugly, and young.

Math: We had a very busy week in math class. The students took a chapter test on Tuesday, covering the concepts of mean, median, range, mode, and graphs. We are now studying decimals. Important vocabulary to reinforce are: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and fractions. The children have learned how to recognize the place value of decimals, convert decimals to fractions, and compare and contrast decimal values from least to greatest.

Other Interesting Facts:Mrs. Mazzocchi's classes are having a science test on Chapter 2. The test will be on Wednesday, January 30, 2002. Mrs. Santi's classes are having a social studies test on Chapter 7. Her test will be on January 30th or 31st. Please check your child's assignment notebook, or call the Homework Hotline for more information. The study guides for both of these exams should have gone home. Try to take a few minutes each day to review them.

Accelerated Reader Goal Sheets should have come home. Thank you for all of your support in helping the children fill these out. Don't forget the Fifth Grade Wax Museum will take place on February 20, 2002. Be sure to mark your calendars.

RemindersYour child should be coming home with his weekly Reading Logs for Accelerated Reader. The logs are due the first day of each school week. Your child should have logged 120 of minutes reading for the week. Remember, this includes him/her reading to you and vice-versa. Please be sure to sign your child's log. When your child has completed one of his A.R. books, have them tell me, or their classroom teacher that they are ready to take a test.

Don't forget to look at your child's assignment books for daily homework assignments, upcoming tests, and projects from each teacher. You may also call your child's teachers "Homework Hotline" for additional information. If your child appears frustrated over the amount of homework he is receiving daily, please contact the teacher who assigned the work or me for modifications. Your child should not be working more than one hour per night.

Websites of Interest:  Listed below are several websites that relate to topics currently being studied in class. Please visit them to expand upon your knowledge!

Feel free to send our class an email. Thanks for visiting us on the web!
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