hmsgraham Ms. Graham
Humble Middle School 8th grade Math
Pre-Algebra (periods 1, 3, and 7)

Weighting for grades is as follows:
Tests 60%
Daily Assigments 30%
Warm-ups 10%

Algebra (periods 2 and 6)

Weighting for grades is as follows:
Tests 70%
Daily Assigments 20%
Warm-ups 10%

For ALL classes:

Tutoring is offered on Monday nights 4-4:50pm.
Each 6 weeks the students will take a notebook test to check that they are maintaining an organized and current notebook.

Assigments will be given in class, following instruction.  Students will have the time to start the work in class and receive additional assistance as needed.  If the assignment is not completed in class, the work is to be completed at home and returned in class the next day.

Necessary equipment which must be brought to every class:
School issued Textbook
If a student does not bring the proper equipment, the following will occur
1st time - a warning
2nd time - a call home
3rd time - a referral to the office

My conference period is at 1:15 - 2:00pm
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