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Welcome to Mrs. Hocine's French 8 web page.  It is hoped that this site will provide you, both parents and students, with updated information and useful study resources which will enhance students' growing mastery of French this year, as well as provide for improved school-family communication.

Parents or students are strongly encouraged to email Mrs. Hocine at jean.hocine@woostersch.org whenever a question or concern arises.  (Positive feedback is also encouraged as well!)

This page is still under development, but will include the current syllabus in effect.  Assignments are given in French and reviewed in class in English as well.  

Vocabulary drills and games will be added for each chapter so that students can use other techniques to practice and master course material.



Deuxieme Etape:

1.  Revisez le vocabulaire et les verbes en -er; etudiez aussi la negation et les articles definis

2. Corrigez les fautes du quiz pour la premiere etape

3.  Quiz sur la deuxieme etape

Troisieme Etape:

1. Revisez le vocabulaire, "comment dit-on?", et le grammaire

2.  Revision generale du chapitre

3.  EXAM
My Quia activities and quizzes
Practice activities for Chapter 1, Second Section
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