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Welcome to Mrs. Hodges's Game Central!  This page is filled with exciting learning activities you can do on-line.  The games here are to help you review what we are learning in the classroom, and they will change from time to time, so check back often!  E-mail me!  Tell me what you like!  I will be creating more activities all year and I can make them any kind of game we like!!!  The "links" were created by other teachers and are games, too.

Mrs. Hodges

PS- If you find a mistake or a link that doesn't work, e-mail me so I can fix it.  Let me know if you know about a cool web site our class would like.  Also, if you have an idea to make our web site better, tell me.  It's OUR site, let's make it great!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Basic facts
Review your basic addtion and subtraction facts. There are several games to choose from.
Pet Show Today concept words
Practice with words from our first reading unit.
Pet Show Today! words
More reading words.
Soc. St.- Geography and Map Skills
Review from our first Soc. St. unit.
Science-Growing and Changing
Review from our first Science unit.
Be a Nature Detective concept words
Practice with words from our reading unit.
Health- Nutrition
Review from our Health unit.
Science- Animals
Review from our Science unit.
Be a Nature Detective words
Practice with more words from our reading unit.
Useful links
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