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OK, Kristin is the only one who hasn't done ANYTHING. Charlene needs to do # 2, and I THINK everyone else has ... I know Mai-Lihn still needs #1, and Sammy has done everything. Gryffindor has 15 more points.
     I'm changing # 2, because the constellations moved. If you've already done it, you don't have to repeat it.
#1. For your first assignment, go to the FIRST URL at the bottom of the page, and open the StarGazer. For today's class your latitude settings need to be at 16 degrees. Use all the information there to answer the quiz. Take the quiz by going to the SECOND URL and typing your Hogwarts Online name and HOUSE (eg Ella, Ravenclaw) in the name spot and in the session feild enter "ASTRONOMY CLASS". You won't get any points if I don't know you and you don't put your house. I want BOTH. You MUST get 100% on this assignment because it's only one question long. If you complete this assignment correctly your house will get five points.

#2. Go to the QUIZ SESSION LOG IN PAGE (a link is at the bottom). This session's name is Hogwarts Astronomy Assignment 2 (type that in EXACTLY AS I'VE PUT IT. Feel free to copy-paste). Enter your name and house in the name feild. Only one person did this last time, please do it. ({Ella (Ravenclaw)} is a good example). Follow all the instructions given.

          ~Professor Defrell
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