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Weaver Middle School German Teacher

     Students are to research the traditions asssociated with a particular holiday in Germany or a German speaking country.  The results of the research are to be presented to the class.  Presentations may include Poster, Power Point, slides, or Video.

     Research results will also be written as a research paper.  The paper must include a Title Page and Bibliography.  You are to include a description of the Holiday, its history or origins, foods associated with the holiday celebration, and a comparison or contrast with an equivalent holiday celebrated in the United States.

       You are to use the internet, Encyclopedias, and other texts.  You will need to have at least one reference from each ot these resources.

       For the presentation, you and your partner may use note cards with limited notes.  You may not read the presentation.  These will only be 5-10 minutes to cover the highlights of what you discovered about your holiday.

Requirements:             Dates     Points

Bibliography Cards/notes    Nov. 24     ___ / 10

Rough Draft of paper        Dec. 1      ___ / 10

Final Draft of paper        Dec. 15      ___ / 30

Presentation               Jan. 10-14   ___ / 30

Peer evaluation                         ___ /10

Effective use of medium                 ___ /10
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