homefun Miss Trujillo

We have been studying literary devices for some time now.  I hope that looking at your own responses to literature on the overhead has helped you.  If not, let me know what else I can do.  As you probably noticed, most students understand what these literary devices are.  The problem is that you are having trouble expressing how these devices are used within the story, as well as finding support from the text.  Remember that it is not enough for you to tell me there is irony in a story, for example, but that you show me proof from the story itself.  You are doing much of what a lawyer does; a lawyer presents an argument and supports it with evidence.  Your job is easier, however, because you only have to look within the short story given.
Remember to always be specific.  More than anything, have fun with this!!!!!!!!!

Homefun for 10-4-00:

You are to look for the five quotes given in class and write down the following:
        1.  The name of the story
        2.  The author
        3.  The literary merit (device) you have decided to
             give it.
        4.  an explanation where you tell why you chose to give it that literary merit.
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