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The Prime Alliance  


      It Begins Now:

            Alliance Planets:
~1:24:16---Helix The Warrior of Night
~56:3:3----Knight of Choas lll
~56:23:2---Zin the Tridarian Knight
~57:7:5----Lanza the Phyrexian Warlord

       The Alliance Commander:
~Lanza the Phyrexian Warlord, E-mail him if you have any questions.  

           2nd in command:
~Krytan, He will take over when Lanza is on vacation, & what have you.    
  Desert Eagle Law  
  Links & URL's to our E-Mail's and Sites:  
  Email the Alliance Commander:
  Email the 2nd in command:


                           Whats coming?:

1.  We are expecting more planets, we just have     figured out their coor's
2.  Everyones, email, screen name
3.  Carnage for all whom get in our way
4.  Pictures for our web page    
 The main goal of The Prime Aliance:
~We hope that atleast some of our planets get in the top 100.  

    Offensive & Deffensive plans for The Prime Alliance:
~For now we just want to protect ourselves
~Later when our scores are high we can start to take out other planets or alliances.  But if someone needs help attacking or deffending it will be posted here.
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