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Homework Philosophy of both Mr. Alexander and MASD...

Hello parents and students.  Homework is meant to be exactly that; work to be done at home.  Why?  It's an excellent method of applying learned information from school to outside settings, in this case home.  In other words, a student is introduced to a topic at school, given a chance to practice and master the topic, and then given an opportunity to see whether or not he/she can still perform this task without the teacher around for help.  Homework is never assigned as "busy work", and should not be thought of as such.  Practice makes perfect. 

With that said, here's what you should expect so far as homework goes in my classroom.  The average performing child should have 15-30 minutes of homework assigned 4 nights a week, Monday through Thursday.  Homework is typically not assigned on the weekends.  Weeks of heavy testing or special occasions such as nightly school activities or holidays may also result in little or no homework. 

Homework patterns?  Math is usually a good bet every night, and reading the basal story every Thursday night before the Friday test is typically a given.  Spelling tests are Fridays as well, so make sure that words have been mastered by the end of the week (Thursday nights).  All other subjects such as English, PA History, etc. will be assigned as homework from time to time as well.  Once in a while, I'll assign extra credit homework which can only help a child's grade, and not hurt it.

Any concerns, please call me at 966-0963.  Thanks, Mr. A.
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