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Cold War Project

In a 3 page essay, please analyze any Economic, Political or Social aspect of The Cold War.  You MUST ANSWER A SPECIFIC QUESTION!  One should focus on the years 1945-1975.  The paper might:

1) Compare and contrast the different historical perspectives on why the U.S. entered the Vietnam War.
2) The economic, political and social reasons for the longevity of the Castro regime.
3) The role of women, African-Americans or Rock and Roll in the U.S. Peace Movement.
4) The causes, the course and the consequence of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
5) Compare and contrast the validity of Vietnam War movies to the war itself.  Examples include Apocalypse Now, Born on the 4th of July, Platoon.
6) The causes, practices and effects of the Red Scare and McCarthyism.
7) The role of Propaganda and Political Art in Soviet Russia.
8) The causes and course of the Cambodian Genocide
9) The weapons of The Cold War

You should feel free to investigate the humanities, literature, and the sciences‚ĶANYTHING!  However, a thorough analysis of the Economic, Political and Social aspects of the subject under discussion is mandatory.

One must publicly defend your findings to the class during the final week of term (June 16).  Your presentation must be ONLY 5 min. long.


Thursday. June 5th: topic selected (10 pts.)
Tuesday. June 11th: annotated bibliography due (20 pts.)
Friday. June 13th: Detailed Outline Due. (20 pts.)
June 16th: Presentations.  (50 pts.)
Final Draft Due at 7:30 am on June 19th(100 pts.)

As always, I am free every day to discuss your paper.  COME SEE ME!!

Raynor:  The Cuban Missile Crisis
Merzbacher:  Art
Gaynor:  Weapons of the Cold War
Kelly:  The Marshall Plan
Matarazzo, Weeks, Thornton & Dwyer:  Manhattan Project
Schmitt:  Jews after WWII
Grant, Lawson & Burm:  Women in Vietnam
Good:  Weapons of the Cold War
Lindblom:  The My Lai Massacre
Gomez:  Afghanistan in the Cold war
Horton:  Henry Miller & The Sexual Revolution
Monteiro & Baxter:  Space Technology
Deitz:  The Space Race
Delfarro:  The Cambodian Genocide
Sibbald & Miscioscia:  The Civil Rights Movement


7:35-7:40:  Thorton & Dwyer

7:45-7:50:  Weeks

7:55-8:00:  Kelly

8:05-8:10:  Merzbacher

8:15-8:20:  Schmitt

8:25-8:30:  Raynor

8:35-8:45:  Horton

8:50-8:55:  Gaynor

9:00-9:05:  Lindblom

9:10-9:15:  Grant, Lawson & Burm

9:20-9:25:  Matarazzo

9:30-9:35:  Monteiro & Baxter

9:40-9:45:  Deitz

9:50-9:55:  Sibbald & Miscioscia

10:00-10:05:  Adams

10:10-10:15:  Paulin

10:20-10:25:  Good

10:30-10:35:  Dalferro

10:40-10:45:  Gomez

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