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Totino-Grace High School  
TWO(2) points Extra Credit:

A.) Who painted this fresco?
B.) It is located in Dante's city...WHERE, exactly?
Email your response to Mrs. Briel by Wednesday,17 January.

INFERNO Paper Note: Title page should include Title-your name(these, mid-page)-date-class&period-my name:Mrs.Briel
We are continuing art history, moving from Greek/Roman and Romanesque/Gothic to Renaissance/Baroque. Expect quizzes on the PowerPoint and video presentations.

FINAL EXAM: THURSDAY, 18 January To Prepare: Review vocabulary/glossary/Roman terms. Also review Romanesque/Gothic + Renaissance/Baroque art. We'll continue these art history studies in class through Wed

SPECIAL NOTE TO STUDENTS WHO PASSED the O.T.E. [and turned in 6 journal entries]
During the 1 hour Final Exam on Friday, while other students are in Rm. 214 writing, you will prepare a Power Point presentation of Ancient Near East/Greek/Rome/Middle Ages/Renaissance OR Baroque periods (your choice, but I'd like to emphasize Middle Ages/Ren/Bar, if possible).
I'll expect SUCCINCT, text and at least 8 photos or graphics of some sort. Good luck. You may work with one (1) other person. Let me know asap what/with whom.
Note: you will save your PPt presentation to the Guest Folder, so that I can view it, perhaps even use it (put your name[s] on the first slide).

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ANCIENT ROME - TERMS (for final Exam)
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