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Holston HIgh School Business & Technolgy Instructor

Welcome to Advanced Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies - aka Digital Video!

Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce the student to the planning techniques required in visual story telling-- including story boarding, plot development, image acquisition, image editing, and digital manipulation of the images and sounds required for interesting film-making.

This course will allow students to explore the techniques and skills required in producing film images. Students will be introduced to using applications such as Video Wave and Adobe Premier Pro to edit and manipulate images.

Evaluation will be product based. Students will be required to produce either a Senior or Sports video that closely meets the industry standard for digitally produced video.

In addition to digital film making, the students will develop proficiency in creating desktop publications and multimedia presentations/projects, using industry standard application software. They will incorporate principles of layout and design in completing publications and projects. Students design portfolios that may include business cards, newsletters, mini pages, multimedia presentations/projects, calendars, and graphics.

Prerequisite: Keyboarding course(s) or teacher approved demonstrated and documented touch keyboarding skills

Pacing Guide

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