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Hi, my name is Allen Hong and I've set up this page to link all of my Spanish games and quizzes. It's quite a bit of work, and for those of you who haven't started, ack, i don't know what to say other than it's tempting, but futile to procrastinate. If anyone understands what is going on in Spanish, please tell me. I am befuddled by the projects we have to do, due dates and all.

From my understanding, this is what we have due:

10 Sentences about illnesses- send these in via email to Mrs. Dominguez. I think...

10 Sentences about pain and suffering- also send these in via email to Mrs. Dominguez. I think...

Quizzes- have 4 FOUR of these things done by April 14th. Have a total of 80 vocab words so it comes out to 20 vocab words per quiz. Wow, due so soon...

Games- work in a group to make a game with 120 vocab words. This is also due on April 14th.  

El ¡Que Horror!- an essay having to do with pain and suffering. Right? Due on April 13th, I believe

Tutorials- same old, same old. Do 15, be happy. See link below

Emails- recommended 2 a week to get an A. This is a lot, but just keep a dialogue going between you and your friends. I didn't start doing this till recently. It's a good strategy, stay on top of it.

10 Spanish greeting cards- just send 10 cards to whoever, but send the messages in those cards to Mrs. Domínguez. See links below for greeting card sites.

Best bet, check up on Mrs. Domínguez's website for the latest info. See links below

Email me! Please? :p
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