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What Does It Mean To Be Human?  

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  • We have begun 3rd quarter. The year sures goes fast. During this quarter students will be completing a major project on comparative religions using a specific theme or issue. The project is due 27 February. Students have already received the assignment and should be steadily working on the assignment. Because of the project, there will be a minimum of work from the class.

    Minnesota Basic Skills testing is the first week in February. Students who have not yet passed the reading and mathematics test will take the test; plus all 10th graders will take the writing test. The 10th grade writing test is on Tuesday January 29. Please be sure your student is well rested and prepared to test.

  • Week of January 28: We are going to examine the Middle Ages, specifically universities during the Middle Ages. Our focus will be on the evolution of learning and education.

  • Week of January 4: We will finish the Middle Ages, and begin the Renaissance. The Art class and the World Studies class will be working closely during this unit.

  • The next long weekend is President's Day. Students will be off from February 14th, and return to school on February 19th. Monday February 11th is another late start.
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