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As of the 25th of February, and maybe even before, this page will move to a site provided by MPS.  Quia has decided to go to a "for profit" format and if what we can get for free through the school is as good we will use it.  If I find that it lacks something that Quia has then I will be happy to pay for it.  Until the 25th, this will still be our spot.

More than a few of you have decided to celebrate the Pats' improbable victory in the Super Bowl by not doing your reading. Poor choice that!  As a consequence some of you already have 2 zeroes.  Poor consequence that!  You need to pay attention to your academic responsibilities to yourself...and that is exactly to whom you are responsible.
Extra Credit?  You know the drill.

MHS is continuing in our efforts to teach consideration, cooperation and thoughtfulness as well as English and History.  In this course, Western Traditions in case it slipped your mind, you will find an ever-present emphasis on those characteristics.  We are, after all, all in this together. You may also be surprised perhaps by how much of the class' direction is up to you guys.  I will have spoken about that in class and I would like your parents to hear about it from you.

A reminder:  The puzzles facilitate your thinking.  A big,huge,humongous part of this course will look at your thinking.  Not your knowledge but the process through which you go to acquire that knowledge.

Please leave your "I'm like..." as a substitute for "I think..." or "I said..." out in the hallway.  I cannot help myself whan I hear it.  I go nuts.  I love words and language and "I'm like..." in that context does not mean anything.  Do you have a pet peeve you would like to share.  If you do, put it in my handy-dandy suggestion box.  (I don't really have a suggestion box, sorry.)

Please note: Extra credit is ALWAYS available (SEE ABOVE!!)to those students who make fully-realized proposals to me. If you don't know the "what, how, and when" of your EC project, then don't ask me until you do.  "Mr. Horgan, may I do an extra credit project?" doesn't get it done.  "Mr. Horgan, I have this cool idea for extra credit.  Here it is....May I do it for next Friday?" Now that's how to do it.

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