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Science Fair Projects
The Ultimate Science Fair Project Resource!
Questions & Answers on Science Fair Projects!
Sample Science Fair Projects!
Science Fair Project Ideas!
Good Links on Elementary Science!
Hundreds of Good links for Science!
Science Songs!
Movies on Science online
Science Units!
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A good resource for Science Teachers
Cloud Types
Science Units Online & Ideas
Fun Science Links for kids!
Recent Science Facts and Information
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Bill Nye, the Science Guy's Web Site
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Find out How things work
Find out about Creatures around the World
Science Fun Online Activities on all topics
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Order Science for Kids Magazines & Experiments!
DNA Genetics for kids!
Genetic Games and activities for kids!
DNA, genes explanation for kids!
5 Kingdoms Millionaire SOL PowerPoint Game!
Matter Millionaire SOL PowerPoint Game!
Ocean Millionaire SOL PowerPoint Game
Sound Millionaire SOL PowerPoint Game

Atoms, Mixtures, & Molecules (Matter)

Matter Study Guide
Download PowerPoint on Atoms, Matter & Molecules!
Florida Matter Webquest!
New York Webquest on Matter
Excellent Matter Info and Pictures!
Excellent Guided Matter website!
Solid, Liquids, Gases
Experiment on Mixtures, Suspensions, and Solutions
Phases of Matter Interactive Learning!
Pictures about atoms!
Matter & Atoms Info & Activities
Learn about Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures!
What is a Compound?
Chemical vs. Physical
Periodic Table-easy to copy or print
Temperature & Molecules
Combustion-How things burn.
The Water Cycle!
Heat Capacity of Water Experiment!
Atom & Matter picture & Information!
Interactive Periodic Table!
Periodic Table of Elements Song & Animation!

Living Systems (Plants & Five Animal Kingdoms

Living Systems Study Guide
Download Invertebrate PowerPoint!
Download PowerPoint on 5 Kingdoms!
Classification Lesson Plan
Multimedia adventure about 5 kingdoms!
Excellent Pictures, info, movie, lessons on Living Systems!
Classification Experiment
Excellent Classification Information & Pictures
Pictures & Info on each of the Kingdoms!
Habitat Info & Pictures
5 Animal Kingdoms Table of Information
Structural Adaptation
Animal Sounds Library
Simple 5 Kingdom Explanation!
Vertebrate Descriptions
Marine Invertebrate Photos


Cell Study Guide
Download PowerPoint on Cells!
Download Cell Structure PowerPoint
Excellent guided Cell Website!
Colored Labeled Cell!
Excellent pictures of cells and description of their functions
Pictures of the cell parts and its functions
Introduction to Cells
Good information on Cells with labeled PIcture!

Labeled Plant & Animal Cells!
Plant Cell Pictures and Descriptions
Animal Cell Pictures and Descriptions
Plant & Animal Cells
Virtual Cell
Pictures & info comparing Plant & Animal Cells

Earth (Rocks & Volcanoes)

Earth Study Guide
4th Grade Soil Study Guide!
Download Rock Cycle Jeopardy PowerPoint
Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous animations & information
Rock Cycle & Rock Identification chart
Download PowerPoint on Rock Cycle!
Earth Science Powerpoints
Excellent Rock Cycle Interative Website for Grade 5!
Excellent Volcano Interactive website with test!
Excellent Interactive Plate Tectonics Website!
Excellent Earth Guided Learning website!
Excellent Learning Through Pictures!
Rock Activities
Earth Science SOL Links
Rocks & Minerals Worksheets & Activities
Types of Rocks SOL 5.7
Learn about the Rocks in the Sands around the world
Rock Cycle
Rock Animations!
Become a Rock Expert!
Earth's Interior Picture
Earth's Interior
Volcano movies and Information!

Force, Motion, and Energy (Force)

Force, Motion & Energy Study Guide
Download PowerPoint on Energy (Force)
Another PowerPoint on Energy
Good Energy Links & Worksheets!
Fruit Energy Experiment
Energy Webquest
How Energy Works
Energy for Grade 5
Solar Energy Experiment
Build a solar oven!


Light Study Guide
Light Presentation, Worksheet & Test!
Excellent Pictures and Information on Light!
Reflection Experiment
Animations & Explanation about Light Waves!
Measuring a Wavelength!
Excellent Description of Light Properties
How Does Light Reflect
How Does Light Travel
Light Experiments
Make a Spectroscope
Reflection vs. Refraction
The Wave Nature of Light
White Light Slide Show
Webquest on Light!
Light Basics!
Light Scavenger Hunt (Webquest)
Grade 4 & 5 Light Webquest!
Flashlight Museum!
How a Flashlight Works Activity!
How Binoculars Work!
How 6 machines work that use light!

Water & Oceans

Ocean Study Guide
Excellent Ocean Picture Learning!
Excellent Information & Pictures on Oceans & the Ocean Floor
Oceans, animal pictures and information
Everything about oceans at a KID'S READING LEVEL
Ocean Games
Geography (The Water Cycle Information for kids)
Find info on Oceans for kids
Learn about Ocean Depth for kids!
Ocean Floor Facts!

Plate Tectonics

Download PowerPoint on Plate Tectonics Part 1
Download PowerPoint on Plate Tectonics Part 2
Learn Through Pictures about Plate Tectonics!
Volcano Information!
Plate Tectonics
Volcano World (See Current Pictures of Eruptions!)
Virtual Earthquake
Excellent Plate Tectonics & Volcano info for kids
Activities for Plate Tectonics
Information on Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics
Pictures and Info on Plate Tectonics
All About Volcanoes
Volcanoes for kids
Earthquake Crossword Puzzle Online


Sound Study Guide
Download PowerPoint on Sound
Sound Presentation, Worksheet & Test!
Online Sound Movie & Quiz
Sound Energy Website!
Sound Lesson Plans!
Sound Experiments!
Hands-on Activity on Sound!
Sketch sound Online Activity
Good Info & Pictures on Sound Properties
How Sound is Made
Sound Webquest!
How musical Instruments work
Sounds of Animals in Different Languages
Sonar Information
Translate text to Morse Code!
How does an echo work?
Sound Activities!

Space (Astronomy)

Excellent list of Web Sites on Space
Space, Moon,and Earth animations and descriptions
Activities, quizes, spectroscope etc.
NASA for Kids
Scale model of Solar System!
Virtual Telescope!

Weathering & Erosion

Weather Study Guide!
Download PowerPoint on Erosion & Weathering
Weathering & Erosion Project by kids
Rocky Mountain Weathering & Erosion
Weathering vs. Erosion

Electricity & magnetism

Download SOL Electricity and Magnetism Review PowerPoint
Excellent Electric Cirucits Interactive website with facts, test, and online learning
Excellent Electricity Links!
Kid Friendly Electricity Website!
Electricity Links!
Electricity Activities!
Electric Circuits!
Static Electricity Lesson & Pictures!
Build a Battery!
Build Circuits Game!
Download Circuits game!

Moon & Seasons

Download Moon & Seasons PowerPoint!
Moon Study Guide!
Phases of the Moon Pictures & lesson Plans!


Download Photosynthesis Powerpoint
Fun Plant Adventure for 4th Grade!
Download Plant PowerPoint!
Download Flower PowerPoint!
Plant Study Guide!
Parts of a Plant
Build a salad and learn the Plant Parts!
Test, Activities, Fun Facts about Plants. Very Kid-friendly website
The Food Chain

Simple Machines

Simple Machines Study Guide!
Excellent Web page on Simple Machines!
Simple Machines Webquest!
Simple Machine Animations!
100 Simple Machines!
Simple Machine Project!
Simple Machine Resources
Simple Machines Web Page!

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