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Bonjour mes enfants!

Use these activities to help you revise vocabulary and phrases about house and home...

You'll need to know descriptions of houses and household chores (past, present and future tenses!).  Use the RGSHW site to practise verbs and vocabulary too...

Don't forget that if you see the "Play HTML Version" appear on the screen you MUST click on that to play that game.

You must try AT LEAST 8 different games, and try them in different "topic areas" ie chores, rooms, verbs etc.

Amusez-vous bien, a bientot!

Mme Coombes

PS - No looking at the cricket scores (Rohit!!!) and no going on the internet playing games PRETENDING that your activities are loading (EWAN and CALUM!!!)

Travaillez bien comme toujours!
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