howardasl Ms. Howard
Dulles High School ASL Teacher
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Every single person in ASL I, II, and III has either an A or a B for the six far!  Keep working hard and let's keep those grades up for the rest of the six weeks, OK?

The last few weeks of this semester will be busy, busy, busy.  It has to be-it's my class!  I think you'll enjoy it, though.  Lot's of in-class discussion and hopefully some guest speakers!

ASL - Level I

    We're taking a tour through the ear for the next two weeks.  Be thinking about how you can put together (creatively, of course) a model of the ear.  I'll show you some examples in class to get you started.  Don't forget to take notes; you'll need them to study for your final!

ASL - Level II

  Since you've already had the ear tour, we're gonna go ahead and get started on your songs.  Don't forget to bring a copy of your music in on Monday.  Come to school every day ready to work on your song.  You may bring a discman/walkman WITH HEADPHONES so that you can practice.

ASL - Level III

  OK, so since I had no idea that you had not already covered food vocabulary, we'll be learning that for the next two weeks.  Let's think of something creative to do at the end of our study to wrap things up, but NOT another food day, ok?
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Brush up on your ASL and Deaf culture facts! Some of these will be on your semester exam.
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