howardsheroes Mrs. Howard
Forest Park Elementary School Grade 3 Teacher
Hello Friends!

Welcome to "Howard's Heroes" web page.  On this page, you will get info about up and coming events, homework assignments, important news and hot tips.

Gentle Reminders:

Your homework is to complete your All In A Day and to study for 20 minutes for your math test.  Look at the terms in the book and be able to talk about angles, lines, rays, polygons, etc.  Be able to label a geometric shape.

Up and Coming:

We will be traveling to Stratton Air Force Base on Tuesday, April 11,2000. Pack a brown bag lunch to be eated when we return.  I will provide you with a snack for the ride up and back.

I hope you have a great night!

Mrs. Howard

PS- Be sure to try the geometry term scrambler!
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