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¡Hola, estudiantes!

Another year has ended -- woo hoo!  I've got your grades all updated.  Please email me with any comments or concerns.  Also, I've included my summer address below and would love to hear from you while I'm in Spain.  Have a great summer!  I'll be at NCHS next year -- so adiós!

Srta. H

Julie Howell
c/o Adriana Ruiz
c/ Dr. Esquerdo, 163, 3B
Madrid 28007

La Tarea

Tarea para el lunes, 5/21:

Tarea para el martes, 5/22:

Tarea para el miércoles, 5/23:

Tarea para el jueves, 5/24:

Tarea para el viernes, 5/25:

Want to put accents in your homework or emails?
Make sure the "Num Lock" button is down and use the right key pad on your keyboard.

á alt 0225
é alt 0233
í alt 0237
ó alt 0243
ú alt 0250
ñ alt 0241
¿ alt 0191
¡ alt 0161
My Quia activities and quizzes
(I) 5-1 Vocab
(I) 5-2 Vocab
(I) 5-3 Vocab
(I) 6-1 Vocab
(I) 6-2 Vocab
(I) 6-3 Vocab
(I) 7-2 Vocab
(I) 7-3 Vocab
Los Alimentos/Las Frutas
(I) 8-1 Vocab
(I) 8-2 Vocab
(I) 8-3 Vocab
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