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Stephen F. Austin H.S. Physics & I.P.C. honors
Welcome to my MAIN PAGE!
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    I am currently teaching PHYSICS and IPC HONORS at Austin High School.  Each class has its own page (links to class pages are at the bottom of this page).  Class pages have information about the class, agendas, outlines, and links to topics covered in class as well as games and activities.  

    Within these webpages are games, activities, outlines, class notes, links to tutorials, general science and other fun stuff.
    I believe this site can be useful to students, teachers, and parents as well as anyone interested in science.  Please Explore and have fun!  I am also open to any feedback on my site...so...Feel free to email me!

Examples of some games and activities are below.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Four games to learn the elements.
Atomic Theory (Chp8)
*A fun way to familiarize yourself w/ atomic theory!!!!!!
Atoms and the Periodic Table
*Java style quiz w/ instant feedback!!!!!!
Nomenclature, Matter, P.T.
Typical Review Game (we do this in class before a test)
Reaction Types: session 10-14-99
Sessions allow me to track student scores on online quizes.
Useful links
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