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Robert E. Lee High School Business Technology/Business Instructor


Periods 2nd, 3rd, & 5th

TEKS: MOA - TEKS 120.23

Class Objectives: Students will develop skills for success in the workplace, along with producing business letters, reports, charts, graphs, research papers, statistical data tables, and resumes.

Assignments for the Week of 10/3/11

*Monday - Vandalism Report (PRINT)

*Tuesday- Page Formatting

*Wednesday - Party-P.46 & P. 48 Hndout (PRINT)

*Thursday - Party-P.46 & P. 48 Hndout (PRINT)

*Friday- Test

Assignments for the Week 10/10/11

*Monday -


*Wednesday -

*Thursday -


Assignments for the Week10/17/11

*Monday -


*Wednesday -

*Thursday -

*Friday- .

My Quia activities and quizzes
MSITA Intermediate Word 2010 Customizing Word Test
Word Vocab
Ch 5 Work Laws & Responsibilities
($) Money 101- Controling Debt
($) Managing Your Credit wisely
Credit Laws - Battleship Review Game
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